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Group Photo from the 2009 Hall of Fame Classic

This web site was launched to share some of the great events and interesting stories about former Major League Baseball players that I have had the opportunity to play baseball with over the past 16 years.  In 2009, 2010 and 2011 I had the amazing opportunity to play in the Hall of Fame Classic on Father's Day in Cooperstown at Doubleday Field.  On the Hall of Fame Classic page there are some great links with stories about this new Cooperstown tradition.

Through the summer of 2011 I have played in 43 Legends Games and have directly organized 11.  The two best parts of my involvement with baseball have been the friendships that I have developed with the former major league players and the ability to assist many wonderful charities like All Children's Hospital, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and Make-A-Wish in raising money for their needs.

I began my work in baseball in 1992 as the Florida Coordinator for Montreal Expos Fantasy Camp in West Palm Beach (1992 through 1996).  The four years that I worked with the Expos were really amazing.  I made many friends that I remain in contact with today and this was my entry point into the world of baseball.  In 1996 I decided to leave the "for profit" side of the business and began to work with the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association in a volunteer capacity. Since 1997 I have been involved with many Legends Games, Golf Tournaments and other various charity events supported by the MLBPAA. 

In 1994 I ran my first Legends Game (Sarasota Legends Game to benefit MDA).  Eight years ago I decided to go back to running my own annual event and the Legends of Baseball Game & Auction to benefit Make-A-Wish was born.  In the 8 years of the Legend's Game to benefit Make-A-Wish we have raised over $115,000 and granted 17 wishes.  The reason I point this out is because building a successful event like the Make-A-Wish one can be done by any motivated baseball fan that wants to benefit a charity in their local community.  The Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association is a great partner and can assist with the building we events like the ones mentioned on this website.  What I have accomplished can be done by others.  Just ask me and I will be more then happy to give a few ideas.

In 2006 I began coaching my son's little league team and it truly does seem that I am happiest on a baseball field.   If you love the game you can make a difference in the world by bringing your passion for baseball to the playing field by coaching and raising money for some great charities.  Coaching is a great way to give back and I am pleased to say that 5 years after I started coaching I am still doing it today and loving every minute of it.  John's spring Little League team won their division title and for the 2nd straight season he was named to the All-Star team.

PS - Thank you to the fans that enjoy this site and I'll do my best to keep it updated.  I really appreciate you guys and the comments about the site as well as the shout-outs at the last Legends Game in Clearwater.  It was really great to hear the cheers from the audience. 

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FOX NEWS INTERVIEW  Make-A-Wish 2011 *

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2011 Legends Game to benefit Make-A-Wish

                                 Gary Carter and I at the 2010 Hall of Fame Classic

                                          Steve Rogers and Anthony Telford at the 2009 Hall of Fame Classic

Jeff Kent and I at the 2009 Hall of Fame Classic

Hall of Fame Collection Update...  I have been working with Jim Gates at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum on building a collection dedicated to Legends and Old Timers Games for the past 24 months.  The Library at Hall did not have any archived files on the subject of Legends or Old Timers Games.  Since this is a part of baseball history and the Hall is holding  an annual Legends Game in Cooperstown each year Mr. Gates thought it would be a great idea to start a collection.  In the past 24 months we have archived game information from 85 Legends & Old Timers games and there is more to come.

I am very honored to announce that the files I have compiled have been accepted by the Hall of  Fame Museum and Library.  Below is an excerpt from a letter sent by Jim Gates.  A link is listed below to find the archive files at the Library. 


As a follow-up to my earlier email, I just wanted to let you know how we are arranging the material you have been sending.  As we have reviewed the material, we had several choices as to how to organize and distribute the various files, but the catalogers have determined the most effective way to organize this collection was to keep it all together as the Neil Meany Collection.

Jim Gates

National Baseball Hall of Fame Logo Various hyperlinks from this subject search mode allows researchers to learn about these files by the various organizations covered in your donation  A copy of our cataloging record for your donation can be found at:



If you visit the Hall in Cooperstown drop by the Library to check out these great files!


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Larry the Cable Guy at the 2008 Legends Game


My thanks to Chris Lennon for all of his assistance in keeping this website  up and running. 

Also my thanks to my wife Karen for all of her support in the many baseball related ventures that I seem to take on.  Not only is she a great supporter but she is also helps out at our Little League games.  It is just awesome to have both her and Johnny on the field helping out at these events. 

2011 Upcoming Events

September 24, 2011
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January 28, 2012
24th Annual Memorial Classic
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March 2012
22nd  Annual
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Summer 2012
9th Annual Legends Game & Auction to benefit Make-A-Wish

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